Body Cleanses and Weight Loss: Is There a Connection?

Do you want to lose weight?  Although exercise and a healthy diet are the best approaches to take, many are starting to turn to body cleanses, also known as body detoxification.  In recent years, multiple celebrities have brought weight loss and cleansing attention.  As nice as it is to hear from a celebrity that you can lose weight with a body cleanse or detox, you may be wondering if this is true.

So, is there is a connection between detox and weight loss?  Yes and no.  It all depends on a number of important factors.  These factors include:

The detox diet used.  You may be surprised to hear how many ways there are to detox your body.  Before you start a body detox plan, it is important to know your options.  These options include water fasting, juice fasting, the Master Cleanse, the use of detox pills and patches, the consumption of all-natural foods, and exercise.

Water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse are three popular detox diet methods.  These methods are popular as they allow for the largest weight loss.  This is due in part to the consumption of solid foods, as there is none.  As enticing as it is to lose the most weight, fasting is not right for everyone.  Those who are overweight, those who have become dependent on foods, and those with certain medical conditions may not only find it difficult to fast, but dangerous.

Organic only foods are an easy way to detox your body, as you are still able to eat, unlike with fasting.  The detoxification process will be slower, but when you stop putting unnatural foods and chemicals into your body, it can begin to repair itself.  If on an organic only detox diet, you may notice a slight weight loss.  This is because all-natural foods are healthier.

The length of your detox diet.  How long you detox for will impact your results, including weigh loss.  Generally speaking, the longer you detox, the more weight you will lose.  However, before you start a month long detox plan, it is important to know the risks.

When consuming organic only foods, your body still receives needed nutrients, for that reason cleanses can last much longer.  With the Master Cleanse and juice fast, your body will lack nutrients, but it will still receive some.  That is why detox lengths vary.  Most recommend a week to two weeks, but always listen to your body and its warning signs.  As for water fasting, extreme caution is advised.  Your body will receive no nutrients at all.  Too long, such as five days or more, and the risk of health complications arise.

Your weight.  Your current weight will also impact your weight loss success on a detox diet.  The more you weigh, the easier it will be for you to lose weight.  For example, if you are 20 pounds overweight, you may lose weight on a detox diet.  However, if you are at a healthy weight, you may not lose any weight at all.

Your lifestyle changes.  As you can see, it is possible to lose weight with a body detox or cleanse.  With that said, your weight can return just as easily as you lost it.  When you start adding solid foods into your diet, you will automatically start to gain weight.  You can, however, make healthy choices.  By eliminating foods high in sugar, fats, and calories, or by making the switch to organic, you can maintain a healthy weight for years to come.

You can lose weight on a detox diet, but your results will vary.  The main goal of a detox diet should be to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  If you are solely interested in losing weight, this approach is not right for you.  Remember, your weight loss may be significant, but it will only be temporary.  Instead, rely on a combination of healthy eating and exercise.


Using Detox Diets Successfully

If you are serious about starting to detoxify your body then there are plenty of ways to get started. First, health food stores are certain to have detox diet packages so that individuals can take them home and use them while they are going through major internal changes. Second, there are vital ingredients that individuals can actually buy at any store which will help them in cleansing their body. However, in order to accomplish the goals successfully there are some things that one must realize about the food and ingredients that they're consuming. The main principle, though, is that ingredients like spinach, kale, and herbs like garlic will definitely help in all your goals.

Start the Detox Gradually

Granted, there are thousands of individuals who are successful in their body detoxification cleansing goals because they have been doing it for so long. However, no matter who you are if you have just started learning about detoxification then it is important to realize that one should start out gradually while cleansing their body. For example, instead of going on a heavy detox diet all at once what should be done is to consume these types of diets over the face of 1 week. There are still many benefits that one can experience by a detox diet that is spread over one week instead of being ingested in one full day.

Another reason that individuals should not shock their bodies into a detoxification system is so that they don't discourage themselves from cleansing their bodies entirely. In other words, starting gradually is the best way to realize the full benefits of detoxification.

Making True Lifestyle Changes

Before you complete the detox plan, whether it's over the spread of 1 week or 1 day, the whole detox diet should help you make changes for the better all around in your life. For example, sticking to a regimen filled with detoxification diet foods takes great discipline to do, yet there are many benefits that can be experienced. On the other hand, if one is to truly have a cleaner body and system then there needs to be lifestyle changes for the better instead of simply going through detoxification plans once per month. For example, fast food restaurant is not at all conducive to a healthy diet and one fast food burger can destroy all the positive effects on the body that one detoxification cleansing weekend has. In other words, if one is to continue the healthy lifestyle of the detoxification diet then he or she must make certain changes, like the avoidance of fast food restaurant, if he or she is to have a healthy body at all times.

Starting out on the detoxification diets does not have to be difficult, but it does take hard work, dedication, and discipline to stick with the regimen and diets of the detoxification systems. However, if one actually is serious about the commitment that he or she makes by using one of the detox diets then chances are that his or her body will be more well off than it was before. Not only will they experience a cleaner system, but that person will be healthier overall, too!


The Body's Natural Detoxification Process

One of the reasons that many people choose body detoxification diets is because they think that it will actually help them and their bodies fight off infections, strengthen their immune systems, as well as give them a whole host of other benefits. Even though it's true that these are some of the possibilities of a detoxification diet and process, there is one element of the human body that these individuals are underestimating, and that is the organs of the human body themselves.

For starters, the body does have a series of natural line of defenses that are used in fighting off pathogens, foreign agents, and warding off diseases. This is called the immune system and it is strengthened by the other parts of the body when we are eating healthy foods, exercising properly, and doing all of the activities that we should be engaging in. However, many advocates of the detoxification diet claim that our body's immune system will be strengthened even more. If this is so then these individuals should continue to explain how people are just as healthy without the detoxification diet.

On the other hand, one must consider the fact that the body does have a natural detoxification process in order to cleanse the body. Indeed, there are various recipes for detoxification liquids and juices, however, let's examine all that the body does first. We have already reviewed what the immune system does, so let's look at the colon and kidneys next. The colon and kidneys are two very important organs in our body. The main purpose of these two organs is to excrete wastes from the body. In fact, the kidney is so smart that it is able to filter out all of the good blood for the wastes that it intends to excrete when it's time for the body to get rid of them. In the same way, though, the colon is also very instrumental in helping carrying out the same processes throughout the body.

When one considers that the body has a natural detoxification process throughout its system then it is also important to consider why one would even want to engage in a detoxification diet. For example, some parts of the detoxification diet include having an individual drink gallons upon gallons of water each day that they are undergoing the diet. This may be very useful for cleansing the inside of the body, but think about the dangers of also consuming too much water in one day. The kidneys and other organs that are a part of the body's excretion systems are only able to work so hard and if they are overloaded then this certainly is not good for the body!

In other words, one must consider the positive affects of actually having a healthy diet and making themselves exercise regularly. There are many benefits to eating everything that the Food and Drug Administration says that is healthful to eat. However, the FDA also has not stated that a body detox process is good for the body, rather, they recommend getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are needed each day.

All in all, a detoxification process may be just the diet that some people may need to get themselves on the right track toward a healthier lifestyle, but it certainly is not the be-all-end-all in the health world!


Simple Steps to a Complete Body Detoxification

The reason that many people give for starting a body detoxification plan is that they'd like to have a healthier system, an immune system that is working properly, as well as an overall healthier body and attitude. By completing a detoxification plan one is certain to attain these goals. If you truly want to start on cleansing your body then you must consider how you will do it, among other things. There are certain products that can be purchased at health food stores that will enable you to cleanse your body. However, these products may not always be good for you for some reason or another. Here are some things to consider when trying to find a complete body detoxification system.

Find the Right System for You

As mentioned, not all of the products that can be bought at local health food stores will work for everyone for one reason or another. Everybody's bodies are different, which is the main reason that the best way to complete a detoxification plan is to include natural ingredients that can be bought in a grocery store. If one is to complete a total body detox then there are a couple principles that he or she must adhere to if they are just beginning. For example, the mixture of the detoxification ingredients should not be too strong or overpowering. If this is your first detox then you will certainly want to start out lightly by making a good combination of all the ingredients together. As you continue the detoxification system every month, though, then you can work your way up so as to not shock your body's system.

Consider your Condition

One of the reasons that many people feel they need a body detoxification for is because they are ill in some way or another. However, one must think about their current health situation before they embark on a detox journey. For example, if one has just been diagnosed with cancer then a total body detoxification plan may not be the best course of action to take. On the other hand, an ailment from a simple cold bacteria or influenza certainly warrants the use of body detoxification in order for the disease and bacteria to be gone from the body's systems.

Prepare for a Cleaner Body

Just as there are preparations that are made for various other activities that we do with our bodies, such as a workout at the gym, so should we prepare our bodies and minds for the detoxification system. In other words, detoxifying our bodies can take a toll if we don't prepare ourselves. Two good ways to do something like this is through the use of meditation and yoga. These two exercises can be combined to not only strengthen our bodies for the detoxification we are about to complete, but we will be mentally prepared as well.

Now that you know exactly what you should do before and during a detoxification cleanse of the body it is important to go ahead with the cleansing. All of these pieces of advice, though, will help in the long run and definitely contribute to a healthier body that will live longer!


Detoxification Methods

There are millions of people in America who contend that body detoxification systems and plans are the way to go in order to have a healthy body and lifestyle. It is true that these types of detox plans do work for the body, but it's also important to realize why they do work. For example, think about the fact that more than one-third of people living in the United States will all suffer from some form of cancer in their lives. Whether it's breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, or prostate cancer, the list of the types of cancers that can be formed is pretty long. Along with cancers, though, there are probably millions upon millions of tiny molecules of toxins and bacteria that we come in contact with every day. For these reasons a total body detoxification system is needed to make sure that we don't fall prey to the sicknesses of the culture.

In order to complete a body detoxification there are actually several ways to do it. All of the methods that are used in a body detoxification mainly depend on the individual person and her or her preferences. There are all sorts of ways to cleanse the body of foreign substances and toxins, but a couple of those ways include coffee detoxification, foot detoxification, herbal detoxification, as well as other conventional methods, too. We will detail several types of detox systems to help the body and you can choose what is best for you.

Coffee Detoxification

The concept of the coffee detoxification system is pretty simple, but it is basically going to be a coffee enema that the individual undergoes. This is a detoxification process that will certainly cleanse the whole body instead of focusing on specific parts of it. However, if one is going to complete a coffee enema then the first thing that is needed is the ingredients. Because typical commercial coffees, such as Folgers and other popular name brands are not produced for total body detox plans, one will need to look to the organic section of the grocery store. Purchasing organically grown coffee beans (ones that aren't sprayed with pesticides) and boiling it just as you would any other coffee beans is necessary. After you have separated the liquid from the coffee grounds only then should you place it in the enema to get started.

Raw Juices

Another way to complete a total body detoxification is through the use of raw juices. There are many types of juices that one can use in order to complete a detox plan, but the number one thing that one must realize is that he or she will benefit the most from raw juices. These raw juices include things like broccoli, spinach, kale, along with many others. Along with drinking raw juices, though, during this detoxification, one should also digest plenty of vegetable soup.

Conventional Methods

The type of conventional method that is typically used to undergo a body detoxification is a sauna or heat room. Many people take advantage of these at their local gym, but they can also be placed in a house. Using a sauna will benefit you in the long run by getting rid of toxins in the body and there are some that will actually use infra red to complete the job.

All of these methods of detoxification, though, are certain to rid the body and cleanse it for the time being. Of course, you'll want to repeat the process over again frequently, but there are definitely many ways to do so!


Preparing For a Body Detox

Are you ready to cleanse your body with a detox?  If this is your first time doing so, you may be wondering what you need to do prepare.  Continue reading on to find out.

Research your detox diet options.  Yes, you may have already done this, but do it again.  To have a successful detoxification, you need to choose the right method.  For example, water fasting works for some, but you may find it too difficult to go a week without solid foods.  Do not try a popular detox that you know you cannot stick to.  Instead, find the plan that works best for you.

Speak to your doctor.  Although many Americans start a body detox at home without first consulting with their doctor, you are advised to do so.  This is particularly true if you suffer from medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, obesity, or diabetes.  In many cases, your doctor will develop plan for you to safely detox, but it may not involve the plan you had selected.  You may not even need to schedule an appointment, as your doctor may be able to provide you with a quick, over-the-phone consultation.

Start weaning yourself off of your “must haves.”  Do you need to have a glass of soda everyday, a couple of cigarettes throughout the day, or two cups of coffee in the morning?  These items will be eliminated from your diet while on a detox.  Unfortunately, many Americans have become dependent on caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes.  If you are one of those individuals, you may suffer from withdrawal.  To lessen the impact, start weaning yourself from these items.  For example, do you drink three cups of coffee a day?  If so, start with 2 ½ cups and slowly work your way down.  Start this process at least a week before you intend to detox.

Begin to buy supplies.  Regardless of how you intend to detoxify your body, you will need to buy supplies.  The only exception is water fasting and if you intend to use tap water.  If you opt for the Master Cleanse, your shopping list will include fresh lemons or limes, cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup, natural salt, and senna tea.  If you opt for a juice fast, your list may include all-natural juices or a juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Great a goal plan.  You may already have a main goal in mind, such as removing stored toxins and waste from your body or losing weight, but create more detailed goals.  For example, are you on the Master Cleanse?  How long do you intend to detox?  Although 10 days is recommended, some aim for more or less.  Determine exactly how long you want to detox. 

Create a list of distractions.  Similar to creating a goal plan, you need to develop a plan to overcome the urge to quit.  If you are on the Master Cleanse, water fasting, or juice fasting, you will likely experience severe to moderate hunger pains.  After all, who wouldn’t after a week of no food?  Many are able to overcome the side effects of a strenuous detox, but you may need some help.  Create a plan ahead of time, such as having your favorite movies on hand, extra spending money for a shopping trip, and so forth.

Finally, make sure you have support.  A body detox with the use of fasting can be difficult on your physical body, as well as your emotions.  If you do not have a strong support system at home, turn to the internet.  Suggestions, support, and advice from others can go a long way.


Factors to Consider Before Detoxifying Your Body

Do you want to cleanse or detoxify your body?  If you are the one of the many Americans who has heard that you may be carrying up to 20 pounds of excess waste and toxins due to buildup, you may be ready to take action.  Before you start with a cleanse, it is important to determine if you are the right candidate.
Factors that can help you determine if you are ready for a body detox or cleanse include:

Your health.  Are you healthy?  Do you suffer from any medical conditions, such as diabetes or a thyroid condition?  If so, you should not start a body detox or cleanse without first speaking to your doctor.  The are many cleansing programs available, including water fasting, juice fasting, the Master Cleanse, and making the switch to all-natural, organic foods.  There should be at least one cleanse that is right for you, but others could lead to serious health problems.

In keeping with your health, if you are female, it is important to make sure you are not pregnant.  When water fasting, your body will be robbed of needed nutrients.  These nutrients are not only important for your body, but they are vital to unborn babies.  Women who are pregnant or even breastfeeding should never try a water fast.  Juice fasting and the Master Cleanse do provide you with some nutrients, but not enough.  Speak to your doctor, but the only safe ways to detoxify your body while pregnant is with exercise and healthy eating.

Your daily and weekly schedule.  If you opt for the Master Cleanse, you will see that 10-days is the recommended length of detoxification.  Throughout those 10-days, you will experience a number of side effects, as well as make multiple trips to the bathroom.  Although many are able to continue to work or go about their daily routine on the Master Cleanse, others find it difficult to do so.  You may have to slightly modify your schedule or start a detox diet on the weekend.

Your weight.  If you are overweight, a detox is recommended.  As previously stated, our bodies can store up to 20 pounds of toxins and waste.  Those who are at normal weight have some buildup, but it is significantly less.  If you have tried different exercise plans, as well as healthy eating and still were met with defeat, it may be time for a cleanse.  Although a detox is not recommended simply just for weight loss, the end results can improve your health in the long run.

Your ability to stay focused and on task.  If you opt for waster fasting, juice fasting, or the Master Cleanse, solid foods will be eliminated from your diet.  Whether you cleanse for 3 days or for 13, you will experience severe hunger pains.  These pains will be accompanied with discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.  Right away, you may wish to give-up.  That is okay, but your ability to stay focused, on task, and avoid solid foods will result in success.  If you do not believe you can go without food for 5 to 10 days, examine other options of detoxifying your body.  Simple steps such as increasing water consumption, fiber consumption, and exercising can improve your health too.

In conclusion, unless you have health complications, no harm can come from at least trying a body detox or cleanse.  With that said, always listen to your body.  Any pain and discomfort you experience should pass within one to two days.  If not, seek medical attention.